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Who is alive?

Jack Dempsey, Apr 18, 11 1:27 AM.
Yo yo. This is Jack Dempsey

I'm playing Rift on deepstrike. Just an fyi

Official: Bloodline (16Sept2008)

Max!, Sep 16, 08 7:40 PM.
GGs Bloodline.

5-4 (UJL) Cargo - UJL's traps/storm MMs vs BL's double storm
9-0 (UJL) Siege - UJL's traps/storm MMs vs BL's double storm

Official: GMW (31Aug2008)

Max!, Sep 1, 08 7:22 AM.
Great fights, congrats to GMW.

5-4 (GMW) Eden - UJL's 3forts/1stalker vs GMW's 3forts/1stalker
6-2 (GMW) Skyway - UJL's 2forts/2sonics vs GMW's double storm

Official: lolVirtue (24August2008)

Max!, Aug 25, 08 11:31 AM.
Congrats to lolVirtue on moving up to 3rd!

7-3 (UJL) - virt's 4fort/1stlkr team vs UJL's 3fort/1stlkr
5-4 (LoLVirtue) - virt's 4fort/1psnMM team vs UJL's 3fort/1stlkr
7-2 (LoLVirtue)
- virt's 4fort/1psnMM team vs UJL's 3fort/1stlkr

Official: Renegades (17Aug2008)

Max!, Aug 18, 08 6:36 AM.
Congrats to Renegades on the win!

20-2 (Renegades) - Ren's 4fort vs UJL's 1storm/1dom
6-3 (UJL) - Ren's 3fort/1stalker vs UJL's 2sonic/2fort
14-2 (Renegades) - Ren's 4fort vs UJL's 2sonic/2fort

Official: GMW (10Aug2008)

Max!, Aug 11, 08 6:01 AM.
GGs GMW and grtz on the win.

8-0 (GMW) - GMW's double stormies vs UJL's 3fort jump team
3-2 (UJL) - GMW's stormie+TA vs UJL's 2fort+1dom team
13-1 (GMW) - GMW's double stormies vs UJL's 2fort+1dom team

Official: lolVirtue (03Aug2008)

Max!, Aug 5, 08 5:56 AM.
Congrats to UJL for defending 3rd place! GG to lolVirtue, looking forward to the next one.

8-2 (lolVirtue)
4-2 (UJL)
8-2 (UJL)

Thanks to Syn for recording/sharing the videos!

Official: GMW (27July2008)

Max!, Jul 27, 08 10:46 PM.
Congrats to GMW, taking 2nd place in the ladder in 3 rounds.

4-4 (draw)
6-1 (GMW)
14-0 (GMW)

Official: Freaks (13July2008)

Shini, Jul 13, 08 8:27 PM.
Congratulations to UJL on the win!! Good game to the Freaks, was a lot of fun.

8-1 (UJL)
4-4 (draw)
8-3 (UJL)
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From Left to Right...
Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, Jyst, Meldash,  somebody, somebody, somebody.

the end.

No alternate text supplied.

--UJL Team Arena--
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Soul_inferno 7/22/2015 11:24 PM
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Name: Arean Boy (@blackbarrier)
Level: 50
Archetype: Fire/Elec/Mu
Quote: "Ho Ho Ho"
Description: I miss Twixt.

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